• Alton at Morrey Mazda was highly professional and worthy of this distinction.

    Minor service job on the car was done well. Great staff in the service department. The only complaint in this review was that no courtesy car was made available. I was told this was not possible due to it being a small service job. However, including the windshield replacement, I was at the dealer from 7:15am till 12:00pm. I was able to make due by bringing my laptop, and managed to get several hours of in interrupted work done. There are only two desks to work at. Fortunately I arrived early and was able to plug in. No competition for space this time. Also, fantastic job replacing the windshield! I probably put off getting the windshield done because of previous experiences with my last two cars. The first time was with, what I thought was, a reputable quality auto glass replacement company. When I picked up the car there was a drop of caulking on top of the steering wheel. This appeared to have leaked out from around the windshield. This could not be removed without damaging or replacing the steering wheel. This reminder stayed on the steering wheel until I sold the car some years later. My second experience was at another ICBC authorized auto glass company, the owner or manager insisted that his workers do great work. When I picked up my car, I noticed the gasket was cut on the outside of the car (not present in the factory gasket) and inside the car had small rubber caulking crumbs all over the dash, and I was left to clean this. In contrast, Alton at Morrey Mazda was highly professional and worthy of this distinction. He made the process of dealing with the paperwork from ICBC and payment easy for me. I relayed my concerns from the previous experiences above and was skeptical but gave him a chance because of the Morrey brand reputation built since we purchase the car new. At the end of the job when he told me he was done he mentioned, "you won't even notice I was in there". On first inspection, the windshield did look like it was factory installed, inside and out. The cleaning crew at Morrey Mazda in North Van did a great job inside the car too. I will definately recommend Alton, and use him again.

    Colin S.

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I dread buying new cars and this experience was by far the best I have ever had. Everyone was so knowledgable accommodating and very friendly.
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